Big Brother Gets Nasty; Evict the Power Couples

Big Brother is finally getting downright nasty.

Prior to the August 30 episode everybody knew who was going home. Now anything can happen. The claws are out!


Kudos to Jason

Kudos to Jason for being brave enough to take a stand and brave the “Wrath of Raven.” He did not want to risk having his friend Kevin go home. The Rodeo Clown sensed that others were pushing him to put Kevin on the block and that worried him, rightfully.

Now with HOH Jason winning the Power of Veto and choosing not to change his nominations, Matt was evicted.



The Power Couples need to be divided. Jason knows this. He is a smart player, but he may have shown his cards too soon. This move could cost him the game.

We should admire Jason for making the right move, sticking to his friendship and staying true to his alliance.


What’s Next?

Exactly how long will take the household to realize that Paul has alliances with everyone? Are they blind?

At this point, it seems that Paul is the best player in the house. It sure would change the game if someone has been “playing” Paul.

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